The systems are available with a wide range of single- or dual-field-of-view infrared sensor options to meet a variety of mission needs. The electro-optical camera is available as a single-field-of-view matched to the infrared sensor or with a continuous 26X zoom. To deliver stable, precise imagery in rough seas and at high speeds, the integrated Vector-20 pan-tilt system provides auto, manual and coxswain gyro-stabilization modes.

The Marinized Multi-Sensor Systems’ dry- nitrogen pressurized housing meets IP67 standards to ensure performance in harsh maritime environments. The multi-sensor systems and in-dash controls are ready out of the box and easily integrated onto any vessel.


  • Uncooled 8-14μm Infrared Sensor

  • Field-of-View Ranges:• 4.3°-21.3° (Single) • 21.3°/5.4° (Dual) • 29.0°/7.3° (Dual)

  • Available 26x Zoom Visible Camera

  • Dry Nitrogen Backfilled

  • Integrated Vector Pan-Tilt System

  • 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilization

  • Integrated Controller and Joystick

  • Remote Controlled

  • Auto and Manual Focus

  • Multiple Color Palettes