EO/IR Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems 

V14-LRx Camera System

Exceptional Standoff Range Performance

The V14-LRx features high-magnification, true continuous zoom optics for the infrared and daylight video channels. The V14-LRx maximizes the effectiveness of the sensor suite through the use of super telephoto lenses to maintain constant situational awareness and enable detailed technical analysis at extreme slant ranges, for increased operational efficiency.

CMOSO Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems 

V14-HS Camera System

High-sensitivity 3CMOS sensor

The V14-HS Camera System features a high-sensitivity 3CMOS sensor that assures high contrast color imagery in dark, misty and foggy conditions.  The V14-HS gimbal incorporates the latest image processing techniques including noise reduction, de-haze function and IR-Pass function to recognize the color and shape of the subject in low-light conditions with limited ambient light.

The gyro-stabilized platform enables close observation of the subject from distance standoff ranges providing with a high degree of image stability.

ries R thermal imaging camera delivers accurate, non-contact temperature measurement and is an ideal solution for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment