PK 80

Both: Tablet & Thermal Camera !

PK80 integrates Android tablet and thermal camera technologies, which makes the device multifunctional.

Always Online

PK80 can access the internet via either a WIFI connection or tablet network. Users can share thermal information with other people anytime, anywhere.

Android 4.0 Platform: Open Source and Expandable

Based on the Android 4.0 operating platform, the system is intelligent, scale-able and easy to use.

Additional Integrated Features

With Bluetooth, WIFI, compass,  and other functions in one device, information can be transmitted anytime, anywhere with this professional infrared camera. These features make the PK-160 a multifunctional device.

8 Mega Pixel HD CCD

HD CCD provides vivid images with every detail.

Multifunction USB connector

The USB port allows the user to recharge camera and transfer data in one convenient connector.

  • Image Performance: FOV 20º x 20º / 0.5m

  • Temperature Range:  -20 to +200ºC

  • Thermal Sensitivity: ≤0.1°C@30°C

  • Detector Resolution:  80X80

  • Image Mode: IR/CCD

  • Visible PixelsHigh Definition:  CCD 8MP

  • LCD Display: 5.5” HD Capacitive touch screen

  • File Format:  (IR/CCD)JPG

  • Measurement:  Mode5 movable spots, auto hot/cold spot   capture, isotherm analysis, line profile, circle & rectangular analysis

  •  Measurement Accuracy: ±2°C, ±2% of readings

  • Encapsulation: IP54

  • Standard Shock: 25G

  • Vibration Resistance: 2G

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C~+50°C

  • Wireless Transmission: YES


  • Bluetooth: YES

  •  Electronic Compass: YES

  • Video Recording: YES