Systeme Overview

  • Monitoring devices: Thermal cameras based systems.

  • Continues 24/7 monitoring.

  • Ability to detect: 1 square meter fire 5 kilometers.

  • Fusion of a daylight: for a better orientation in the field.

  • Generated alarms: Real time over a map of the scenario.

Main Goals

  • Real time location and tracking alarms over a 2D geographic map

  • Historic logging, management and storage of alarms in a database

  • Alarm distribution per client to the control centers

  • Transmitting info to any mobile device defined by the user

  • Operation through LAN or Internet wired or wireless

  • Easy integration in preexistent control centers


  •  Status and surveillance system performance monitoring over digital cartography.

  • Designed for handling large volumes of geographic info in real time.

  • Photography movement with a precision of 25 cm in thousandths of a second.

  • Supplies info about the status of the security system in a synchronous way.

  • Shows the generated alarms over an ortophoto of the scenario.

  •  allows visualization of the images corresponding the identified events


  • customizable levels of alarms which can be predefined by the user:

  •  Type 1: Detection of moving heat sources.

  •  Type 2: Detection of time‐persistent heat sources.

  •  Type 3: Detection of heat sources whose temperature increases through time and may be the start of a fire.

  •  Type 4: Detection of heat sources which show the common features of a fire.

Fire Detection SystemS