Portable pyrometers

  • for measuring metals, ceramics, graphite.

  • special applications such as pouring streams or in coke ovens.

  • Very robust aluminum die-cast housing for use in rough environments

  • Focusable precision optics for adjusting smallest spot sizes

  • Temperature display on the housing, in the view finder and on the multi-functional display sideways

measurement between 250 and 2000 °C 

Series 5

  • Digital or 2-wire pyrometers used for a broad variety of applications (measurement of many different materials such as metals, ceramics, graphite, non-metals, glass, etc.). Depending on the model selected, they come with analog output and/or digital interface, max./min. value storage, adjustable sub-range, laser targeting light, through-lens-sighting, or TV-output.

measurement between -32 and 3000 °C 

Series 6

  • Extremely fast and highly accurate digital pyrometers (single color or 2-color), analog output, digital interface, and focusable optics. integrated LED display , laser targeting light, view finder, or integrated color-TV camera. Special versions available, e.g. with integrated thermal imaging feature, for mid temperature or 2-color measurements or for ultra-thin glass sheets.

  • measurement between 100 and 3000 °C 

Series 12

  • Fully digital, very fast pyrometers with or without optical fiber.

  • With optical fiber / Without fiber optics.

  • All  instruments feature a display, very small spot sizes, analog output and digital interface.

  • measurement between 200 and 3500 °C 

Series 50

  • Very fast, digital fiber optic pyrometers. Different optical heads available, very small spot sizes. Laser targeting light, display, and buttons for instrument settings. Special versions also available with extremely short wavelength for metal measurements with high emissivity and little dependency on emissivity variations.

  • measurement between 250and 3500 °C 

Series 140

  • special instrument versions for special applications / materials, e.g. extremely short wavelength pyrometers (metal measurements with high emissivity), measurement of CO2,  through flames,  very thin PE- and PP-foils, and measurement of glass surfaces, etc.

  • measurement between  and 3500 °C 

Series 210

  • Fast digital pyrometers in 2-wire design with analog output and service interface (for programming emissivity, response time, and temperature range). Different wavelengths for measurement of metal surfaces, ceramics, graphite, etc. (includes LED targeting light). Also suitable for non-metals or glass surfaces.

  • measurement between 100and 2500 °C 

Series 320

  • Small and very fast digital pyrometers with fixed focus. Models are available with LED targeting light and fiber optics for temperature measurement on metals. This series includes versions for low temperature metal measurements and also includes a ratio pyrometer version.

  • measurement between 75 and 1800 °C 

Series 300/310

  • Good value, small, 2-wire pyrometers with fixed focus and adjustable emissivity. Different wavelengths offered for measurement of metal surfaces, ceramics, graphite, etc. (includes LED targeting light). Also suitable for non-metals.

  • measurement between -20 and 2500 °C 

Series 500/510

  • The Series 510 and 520 offers digital pyrometers with a separate miniature sensor head. The sensor head / cable of the 510 models are usable in ambient temperatures without cooling up to 85 °C. The sensor head / cable of the 520 models are usable in ambient temperatures without cooling up to 180 °C. The Series 520 models can also be used as a temperature switch.

  • measurement between -40 and 700 °C 

Series High Speed

  • The IMPAC High Speed pyrometer Series offers ultra fast pyrometers with targeting light, very small spot sizes, and variable or fixed optics with an optional view finder. Models are also available with fiber optics, targeting light, small spot sizes, and various optical heads.

  • measurement between 160 and 2500 °C 

 PhotriX™ Series

  • The Mikron pyrometer is the industry's best signal-to-noise ratio in a compact package. Offering the most precise non-contact measurements, PhotriX™ pyrometers are ideally suited for industrial applications requiring closed loop control of thermal processes.

  • measurement between 75 and 2600 °C