Dual Field IR Automotive Camera  

  •  Dual field IR Automotive Camera.

  • The NV618S is a safety device as it has built-in analytics to alert the driver on ongoing obstructions and pedestrians, the alerts are either visual or audible depending on the user configuration and can work in most weather conditions such as poor light, fog etc.

  • The NV618S has an encapsulation of IP69 which means it is fully protected from dust and from immersion of water up to 1 metre in depth.

  • The NV618S has Wi-Fi feature as optional which can allow users to send data to their tablet to save the files. The data can be displayed  as 1 single screen or 4 different images on the screen, depending on the user and the application.

  • The NV618S can be easily mounted onto the vehicle and with its robust casing it can withstand harsh environments.


  • 384×288 IR Detector

  • 1080×720 Low Level Sense Resolution

  • Easy to Install

  • Audible & Visible Warning – for driver safety

  • Illumination – 0.01 Lux (Black/White)

  • Ability to see through fog, mist, and rain

  • Intelligent identification of pedestrians and cyclists

  • IP69



Thermal  Camera:


  Resolution:  384x288

  Detector Type:  Amorphous silicon uncooled focal plane array

  Focal Length:  13mm

  Field of View:  28°x21 (Tolerance: ±5%) Customers can customise other lenses

  Image Display:  White hot/black hot

  Observation Distance:  200m (1.7) 400m (for vehicle)

 Low Level Night Vision:

  Image Sensor:  HS761

  Sense Resolution:  1080x720 

  Illumination:  0.01 Lux (Black/White)

  Focal Length:  20mm

  Field of View:  19°x11°

  Observation Distance:  100m (1.7m)


  Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C

  Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C

  Encapsulation:  IP67

  Physical Characteristics :

  Weight:  550g

  Dimensions:  123.5x57.5x77mm



  Power Input:  DC12 V/2A

  Video Output:  PAL (customers can customise NTSC)
  Two-Way Video Output: CVBS Video Output:

 Optional (WIFI