optris PI infrared cameras 

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PI 160

  • Thermal images in real time (120 Hz, 160x120 px) 

  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

  • Industrial accessories

PI 200/230

Thermal imager with BI-SPECTRAL technology

  •   Thermal images in real time (128 Hz, 160x120 px)

  •   Synchronic visual image recording (32 Hz, 640x489 px)

  •   Low-light-level technology of visual camera

PI 400/450

  •  Thermal imager with 382 x 288 pixels

  •   Thermal images with up to 80 Hz

  •   Very high thermal sensitivity with up to 40 mK

  •   PI 450: Measuring range up to 1500 °C

PI 450/640 G7

Thermal imager for the glass industry

  •   Line scan function for tempering processes

  •   Thermal images of glass beads right up to large panes

  •   Precise temperature measurements of glass surfaces

PI 640

  •   Ideal for industrial and R&D processes.

  •   Pin-sharp thermal images and IR videos.

  •   Optical resolution of 640x480 pixel.

  •  NEW: Measuring up to 1500 °C


themal camera for metallic surfaces

  •   High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 px resolution

  •   450 °C to 1800 °C without sub-ranges.

  •   Up to 1 kHz frame rate for fast processes

PI LightWeight 

Miniature lightweight PC for radiometric flight thermogtraphy

  •   Ideal for quality inspections of solar fields and thermographic inspections of buildings.

  •   Full radiometric IR inspection with 382 x 288 pixels.

  •   380 g two-piece design with minimized camera head weight