Tactical Vision Devices

Soldier portable solutions which is based on the a state-of-the-art intensified light and thermal vision, provide the ability to have a clear vision in any day or night scenario

The tactical equipment is lightweight, powerful, and easy to use and make it ideal for any purpose

Tactical Thermal Night Vision

Wide range of tactical devices, binoculars and monocular that allowing long range imaging and better orienting in the most complicated scenarios.

The equipment comes with different assisting features include laser rangefinders, digital magnetic compass, GPS and video recording

Multi-Purpose Thermal Monocular

Multi-Purpose Thermal Monocular provides users an unprecedented level of mobility and thermal viewing ability, in any condition include low light, smoke and fog environment.

The added benefit of a multipurpose monocular is in its ability to adapt to any situation, by being used as a tactical viewer or a thermal weapon sight, according to the scenario

tactical Vision Devices